Fun and Educational Children's Songs

Lady Arlene has been delivering positive messages to young minds for 35 years. Her catchy and bright melodies combined with memorable lyrics give children a sense of self-esteem and confidence. Children from preschool through elementary love the songs.

Happiness and friendship are contagious. Moms and dads can experience the same joy as their children when listening to and singing Arlene's wonderful songs and skits. The addition of marionettes, hand puppets, several instruments and other fun props make for a wonderful and educational live experience.

Garden of Tomorrow
magic music Magic Music is a live presentation that entertains and teaches children about the wonderful world of music. Along with showing multiple instruments and their sound and use, we teach some basic history and perform songs and compositions from many genres. To learn more about Magic Music, click HERE.

Click HERE to listen to more of Lady Arlene's music. You can preview some of her enchanting music videos HERE.

All of Arlene's music is available to purchase through iTunes. You may also contact her to schedule a memorable event, such as a birthday party, school assembly, Magic Music show or other special occasion.

Arlene lives with her family in Fallbrook, California, where she also owns and operates the beautiful Santa Margarita Inn. She is available for events throughout southern California.