Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your show?

I can do a variety of shows, from 1/2 hour for pre-schoolers to an hour or more for older children. Always included in every show is entertainment along with education.

Is it just you, or do you have other performers?

That can also vary from just me to one or more other musicians/performers. I often perform with a keyboard player to enhance the experience for the children and give them a wider variety of music and instruments. I work closely with you to ensure the best type of show for your audience.

What are your rates?

The standard rate for a one-hour show with two performers is $300. However, I negotiate based on circumstance and type of audience. A 1/2 hour show for pre-schoolers is $100. Travel outside of 50 miles from Fallbrook, CA is $50 per extra 50 miles. Larger and longer shows with more than two performers can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Do you need a sound system?

No, I bring all of my own equipment and props. Everything is set up and broken down by me and my assistants. And yes, I am insured!