Hello My Friends

Introducing: World Culture with Lady Arlene
Lady Arlene's programs are taught through her class called Hello My Friends.

Lady Arlene and your students will travel around the world in an interactive weekly class. Each week she will introduce a new culture to your students, and they will have a blast while they learn. Kids learn how to say Hello and Goodbye using a new language each week.

Your children will learn about all the different cultures: the food they eat; the music they listen to; the clothing they wear and their iconic achievements. These classes will help your students understand the unique and colorful pieces of this puzzle--we call Earth.

Get ready to visit places like: Japan, China, Holland, Sweden, Jamaica, Africa, Hawaii, Egypt, Brazil, Cuba, France and many more great spots around the world.

Kids Participate:

Have you ever wondered who discovered fortune cookies? Who wears wooden shoes? Who eats with chopsticks? Your students will learn by doing. Each class brings different interactive activities including: music, games and show and tell to help your students fully understand each new culture.

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